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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions about from people on the inside and outside.

How do I use in jail?

During their phone time, they PREPAY call at +1 (312) 818 1063 to create an account for free with their booking info. Once created, someone outside must upload money for them to begin using the phone services.

How can I visit someone in jail?

Certain things like visiting someone in jail, putting money on their books, etc. are not available directly through the, yet. However, on any inmate page, you will see quick links for all these things.

How do I send a someone a voicemail?

Created an account at and look them up by Booking ID, upload money to your account and go to the 'Phone' tab and tap 'Record'. When they call the in jail, they can check their voice messages, save them and reply.

Can I send photos with the letters?

Not yet. We are working on a simple way for you to send photos. For now, you can send a letter for $1.50 cents and we print and ship it within 1 business week through USPS.

What is ChatGPT

Visit to create an account and learn more. We allow people in custody to speak with ChatGPT, we're essentially giving them access to a super AI robot through the phone. They can gain mental health resources, education, legal knowledge and so much more through this.

Who created

In 2022, Raza Zaidi was arrested in Chicago and the Zaidi family experienced the harsh reality of corrections first hand. Him and his brother, Asim Zaidi, a big tech software engineer, set out on a mission to make things better.