Created inside a jail cell in Chicago was started by a family that was affected by the criminal justice system, first hand. We are here to improve the lives of those affected by incarcerations.

2 Brothers, 1 Dream.

Last year, my older brother Raza Zaidi, a renown dog training, business owner, and nationally ranked banker, was arrested. He was placed into a maximum division in the Cook County Dept. of Corrections where he is still being held without bail, awaiting trial.

This was my families first time going through the system. My name is Asim Zaidi, I've developed software technology at some of the biggest companies in the world and I studied Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Even, I struggled to figure out how to help my brother. Simple things like figuring out how to visit him, how to mail him, how to talk to him, how to send him money for food and clothes, were so unbearably difficult. I help several families every week with these simple tasks because the technology for incarcerations is simply outdated and hard to use.

Raza was a soul full of life on the outside, anyone that knows him knows how he would drop anything to help the people he cared about. But when Raza was arrested, no one really reached out, no one has really helped my family. I believe there's a common misconception that people don't care about people locked up. That's not true. People care about Raza. They just don't know where to begin to help, they don't understand how to help, and they don't understand the situation. is here to address all of these problems and more. We want to empower families during this tough time so they don't have to deal with any additional stress. On top of that, we hope to curate innovative tools along with a vibrant community to give people a better fighting chance through the system.

Our values

The values that drive everything we do

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10x Better Design

We design everything to be 10x easier to use.

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10x Innovation

Not only are we here to help you with everything yo would need if you or someone you know is incarcerated. We're taking a step further and innovative solutions in the space.

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10x Purpose

My family is still going through this, we can't avoid it. So we're here to stay and help improve the system.

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Real Voices

Our Co Founder is in custody, going through the system. Everything we build, stems from problems he faces on the inside.

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We aren't like other companies in this space, our north star isn't revenue, it's impact.

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Community hopes to foster a community of people going through the system. Together, we can help each other.

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