Raza Zaidi

Meet Raza, the reason exists. The heart, purpose and vision of everything we do.

Raza Zaidi

About Raza Zaidi

If you know Raza Zaidi then you know how unique and caring of an individual he is.

Born on the West Side of Chicago, and raised all around the city, Raza bleeds the City of Chicago. Raza was always loved finance and began his career as a banker where he quickly became a nationally ranked Banker at JPMorgan Chase & Co. Raza loved helping people with their finances, but he always had a true passion for animals. Growing up, he lived on a farm for a few years and his older sister is one of the most successful trainers in the world. Raza decided to pursue dog training education where he traveled the world and learned from and trained with world renown trainers. He then came back home and started his own dog training and boarding business, The Canine Club of Chicago. Over the years, Raza has helped hundreds of dogs!

Last year, Raza was arrested and placed into custody at Cook County Dept. of Corrections in Chicago on a max division, held on bond. His world turned upside down. Unfortunately, it has been over a year and Raza is still in custody awaiting a trial so we cannot discuss details of the pending case. Raza has been using his time in custody to think about how we can improve the system, how we can help families get the best defense possible, and how we can ultimately reduce crime and improve our justice system.